Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Curious about your key business insights and metrics? Our new dashboard makes it easy:
  • Track Payments:
    See what's paid, unpaid, and overdue at a glance.
  • Monitor Growth:
    Check month-to-month growth or stagnation instantly.
  • Client Count:
    View the number of paying clients for any time frame.
: Get a clear picture of your business without the hassle of complex Excel formulas. 😎
Snímek obrazovky 2024-05-20 v 16
🤩 Bank integrations
  • Flowlance now automatically marks invoice as paid when receiving the money!
  • Simply set sending notification emails from your bank account and stop manually tracking the payments. (Learn more at Settings > Payments)
🔥Grouping items on invoice
  • Need to group items on invoice? Now you can choose if you want full or condensed invoice style.
You can set that at Advanced invoicing details
💪🏻 Improvement
  • Freshly redesigned Login and Registration page
🪲 Bug fix
  • Fixed toggling on and off individual calendars in Flowlance
Selling will now be so fast and effective with new feature called "Packages"
  • Homepage is now new, with dashboard overview (soon will be added more insights for your business
  • You can create unlimited packages that you sell most often
  • Just definite whats the title, price and how many sessions you want to sell
After you have sold package to the client, Flowlance will take of the rest, meaning:
  • You will exactly know how many prepaid sessions the client has
  • Easily schedule events straight from the package
😎 you'll never have to track your prepaid sessions manually in your life.
Need to have a place for your quick To-dos for the day?
Now you can, directly in Flowlance!
Say goodbye to that annoying feeling in your head "Did I forget something?"😎
🤩 New
Brand new design of calendar sidebar:
  • More fluent and intuitive with added save button
Auto update with new version:
  • Update button when the new version is available for more pleasant use
💪🏻 Improvement
Better recurring events options:
  • More settings for repetition (and even more advanced options on the way 🤩)
🪲 Bug fix
  • Minor improvements regarding the stability and user-friendliness
🤩 New
Custom invoicing details for individual clients
  • Set rules and exceptions in invoicing for individual clients
Duplicate invoice
  • Easily duplicate your already created invoice
New information components
  • Know what each future does with information bars 💪🏻
Custom pricing per clients
  • Set different prices, currencies and event length
pricing per client
💪🏻 Improvement
Events' prices editable
  • Supporting editing price for already invoiced events or paid by credits
🪲 Bug fix
  • Minor improvements regarding the stability and user-friendliness
🤩 New
Editing already created invoice:
  • If you need now you can edit whole invoice after its creation
  • Including all billing details, header, footer, or name & price for the events/items
Invoice changes history:
  • See exactly when did you created an invoice, or when you got paid
  • Also when was the email sent
Snímek obrazovky 2024-02-06 v 17
💪🏻 Improvement
  • Better calendar-compatibility for creating events with different video calling platforms (Zoom, Teams, etc)
  • We enabled copying text from invoice pdf
  • You can use a different invoice email for your client (or yourself)
  • Invoice titles are now automatically generated based on the use case (you can edit title later). With that we removed Invoice title in "New invoice" so the creation is faster.
  • We made creating new client easier with input now called "Name / Company" for both persons or companies as clients.
🪲 Bug fix
  • Sped up the loading of the "invoice events" function by up to 7 times
... & Other small improvements
Client statistics:
  • Quickly find how the client has paid in total, how much is still to be paid or how many invoices you have already created for the client.
Subject of client invoice email:
  • We've changed the subject of the email with invoice.
  • The email now has a subject line of your first and last name from Flowlance settings. For example: "Michael Jordan sends invoice" to make it easier for clients to find your invoice.
Bug fix
  • Event with decimal price: You can now create price with decimal point
  • Longer events descriptions are now hidden, click to open them.
  • Fixed events duplication with too many clicks
... & Other small improvements.
Flowlance now supports adding price or payment to recurring events created in Google Calendar.
You can choose if you want to make changes of the event to:
  • Only this event
  • This and future events
  • All events
😎 It's never been easier to use Flowlance in combination with Google Calendar!